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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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6400 - Name server - Symbolic Name Entry

We have a number of 6400 switchs in our tape SAN. When viewing the name server it shows the tape device i.e. 9840 in the Symbolic Name entry column. My quesitons pertains to the Server names. It seems that Null is the name given to the servers or it is a default name for any entry it can't resolve. I want to populate the server entries to reflect the proper name. How can I do this? Where does the Name server get the info for this column? Thanks

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Re: 6400 - Name server - Symbolic Name Entry

Hi,In the 3.x Brocade firmware series there is a 'portname' command, to set custom port names at the switch level - maybe Brocade is implementing this command for the 4.x series some day, too??

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