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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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5300 ASIC Layout

Does anyone have a document that illustrates how the 5300 ASICs are configured and how the front and back end ports are connected to them?

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Re: 5300 ASIC Layout

As far as I know the 5300 contains nine Goldeneye 2 ASICs. Each ASIC provide 24 ports.

5 Frontend ASICs for FC connectivity and 4 ASICs for backend.

On each Frontend ASIC is connected with two 8Gbit links to each backend ASIC.

Frontend ASIC: 16 Fronend port + 2*4 Backend ports = 24 ports

5 Frontend ASICs * 16 Frontend Port = 80 Ports

The topology is like core edge design.

I hope this helps.

If you are happy with this information please mark the thread as correct or helpfull.

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Re: 5300 ASIC Layout

And to visualize andreas.bergelt explination, I've attached a schema of the layout

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Re: 5300 ASIC Layout

Dion and Andreas:

Thank you!  That is EXACTLY     what I was looking for!

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Re: 5300 ASIC Layout

Hi ,

                            Goldeneye 2 ASIC provide 32 ports not 24 ports.

Calculation :

16 front-end ports + 16 ( 4×4 not 2×4 ) back-end ports = 32 Ports.

Internal link speed 32Gbps = 4x8Gbps which is clearly visible from the GE2 Architecture.Internal links between ASICs enables 1:1 subscription ratio.

On Brocade 300 , 5410 ( 12-port embedded ) and 5470 ( 20-port embedded ) switches simply the remaining ports unused.



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