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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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4Gb SAN switch module for IBM BladeCenter

I have a Brocade 10 ports SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter, Part Number 32R1819. I found that when I try to acces the web interface I get the following message:

Chassis is not ready for management now. Please try after some time.

 I have done the procedure that I found at:



But after this procedure I have no warning message, but the web interface is still unavalable. The command line is OK.

What ca I do?

Would a firmware upgrade help?

I can't find any firmware upgrades on IBM site nor on Brocade site


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Re: 4Gb SAN switch module for IBM BladeCenter



A firmware upgrade is always helpful, specially if the installed version is old.


You can check the output of commands 'errdump' and 'errdumpall' in order to find something else about that error.



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Re: 4Gb SAN switch module for IBM BladeCenter

Unfortunately now I cannot access with telnet. Can you give me some ideas? Is there a reset button. The switch is operational for data traffic, but I am afraid that he would he will stop data traffic


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