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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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4900B Fails after FW upgrade on .

I have  EMC branded Brocade 4900B switch that was at 5.2 FW. I did FW upgrade to 5.3 , then to 6.0 , then to 6.1. As soon as the upgrade to 6.1 was successful,  I lost TCP/IP connection to the switch.

When I turn switch off then on , it comes back up . The TCP/IP connection dies as soon as I telnet and login OR try to connect to web tool.

Any thoughts on what exactly is going on. The switch has been running without a glitch for a while..


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Re: 4900B Fails after FW upgrade on .

Which version of 6.1 did you upgrade to.

From what you say it seems like the memory leak problems with some 6.1.X FOS versions. Try upgrading to 6.1.0h?? Although I could not find anything that specific to what you have described. The problem I faced in 6.1.0c was freezing of webtools and also high mem and cpu util of certain daemons etc.

Also when you loose the telnet, ping the switch and see if it responds and also check if its still in the fabric with a fabricshow.

If you have a serial console, login as root and type



vmstat 5 5

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Re: 4900B Fails after FW upgrade on .


i don't think the error is caused by the FOS.

Is the switch beetwen a Firewall ? or you PC in another Subnet ? Please check the IP confog on both site, switch and PC and try again.


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