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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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48K 32-port blades

Is the local switching on the 32-port blades of the 48K director   ports 0-15 and 16-31?


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Re: 48K 32-port blades


The ports on the bottom half of the blade are on one ASIC and the top half of the blade are the other ASIC.

if we just focus on the port numbers used on each blade (port IDs 0-31, the same for each blade) then:

ASIC 1 :    ports 0-7 and 16-23

ASIC 2:     ports 8-15 and 24-31

If we use the area IDs which range from 0 to 255  and look at just slot 1 then

Slot 1 ASIC 1:     area ID 0-7 and 128-135

Slot 1 ASIC 2:     area ID 8-15 and 136-143

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