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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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48000 Director and FILLWORD modifications

I have a few questions regarding modifying fillword settings on a pair of 48k directors.  Both of my directors have 5 IO cards installed; 32 port 8GB cards.  They are both connected to 14 (7 pairs) of M5424 8GB switches as well as a few storage arrays and just over 100 hosts.  About 3/4 of my hosts are running 8GB HBAs and the rest are 4GB HBAs.  I have a mix of 4G and 8G arrays / tape devices.

Some of my 8GB devices have the fillword set to 0 and I need to correct them.  I was not aware of the need to modify the fillword settings and for the most part I haven't had issues.  The recommendation was made by EMC after doing a diagnosis on a failed control processor in one of the directors (unrelated).  All switches in the environment are running FABOS 6.4.2a.  All hosts are at least at a supportable level of HBA FW / Driver and Software versions recommended by EMC.

Here's my question;

  1. What would you do?
  2. Do I globally modify all of my ports on all of my switches to Fillword 3 or do I just identify 8GB ports (or just the ones with issues) and address them?
  3. Are ISLs affected by the Fillword settings or just N_Ports?  How do switches react when an ISL port is modified to FW3?
  4. What about host impact, do hosts at all notice anything when the Fillword is set?

My first thought was to sweep the envirionment for HBA firmware / HBA driver, PowerPath, Naviagent, QUACLI SANSurfer, and any zoning cleanup efforts but that's taking way too much coordination with the host owners and / or congress.  My goal now is to just get this off my plate.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: 48000 Director and FILLWORD modifications

Hi Chris,

1. I would set all fill words to 3, except ISL's if they are working, leave them alone.

2. All of them, globally. At least that will get rid of any future issue.

3. I would leave the ISL's alone, if they work they work.

4. We have seen multiple issue's, ranging from performance to not able to log in. If globally set to 3, at least it checks out itself during negotiating. The link need to be reset for the fill word to take effect.

That would be the easiest way to get it of your back. And do one fabric at the time... and make sure your redundant paths are working.



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Re: 48000 Director and FILLWORD modifications

Hello again Ed, you actually worked with us on our original issue with the stuck VCs and the bad CP in our directors.  Thanks for the feedback.

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