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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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24000 CP reboot / failover

Silkworm 24000 with dual CP’s.

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Re: 24000 CP reboot / failover

You can use better the command fastBoot from the CLI. "fastBoot" is supported of both CP, Active an Standby.

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Re: 24000 CP reboot / failover

Well, really when an HA failover is executed fabrics services are momentarily unavailable, but for less than 2 * R_A_TOV, so it will not cause a segmentation. If a device were trying to log in during the failover it would have to retry. In most cases that is not an issue either. In most cases a hafailover will occur without incident.Also if you log into the standby CP physical address you can issue a fastboot to reboot just the CP, after it syncs up with the active you could do the hafailover.

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