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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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2 Switches in one rack or two


We have 2 Fabric switches to install in our DC. Traditionally we have had each switch in seperate racks with servers also in the racks with them.

How does everybody else do it?  Its a waste to have two racks with 1 switches in each and nothing else.

I was thinking of  puting them in seperate racks and having the racks half switches and half VMware hosts. Or do people just put both switchs in the same rack?


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Re: 2 Switches in one rack or two

I find it difficult to answer your question because it depends.

Primary keep an eye of a really clean cable management. This is the most important point in FC SAN environments. Avoid any single FC cables somewhere on the ground.

Check the Brocade Guide for cabling. Maybe it is oversized for you but pick up the key information.

You need to keep in mind how the next two steps are if you have to extend your FC SAN. Develop your own strategy.

Bring some points into your own equation:



Cabling strategy


SAN growth

To place your SAN switches into the server racks can make sense. But both fabrics in a single rack means that the rack is the single point of failure. If you have no special requirements for availability this can be OK.

If you plan a more central approach take two different racks and place there your different fabrics as well some patch panels which came from your server racks. This is more a structured cabling strategy. This is very common in bigger DC environments.

Out in the market there some vendors with very good cable management systems but they cost some more money but are very useful.

Please check the following documents.

I hope this helps,


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