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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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12000 and MDS9513 inter connectivity


I will be connecting a 12000 swtch(5.0.5f) to two MDS9513 switch's using multiple ISL's.

My question is :

What is the correct setting for IOD and DSL when connecting these devices ?

I'm trying to ensure that no one ISL becomes a bottleneck, the tx traffic from 9513 to 12000 uses various ISL's but the rx traffic from 12000 to 9513's appears to use only one ISL.

Thanks in advance

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Re: 12000 and MDS9513 inter connectivity

Hello Sandba,

First of all please keep in mind that Brocade doesn't support connecting Cisco and Brocade switches together in "native mode". Brocade supports it if Access Gateway mode is used. But that is not an option here. I believe Cisco supports it. So if you have problems you'll have to trust Cisco (or reseller) is able to help you.

You should configure ports in 12000 connected to MDS into ISL R_RDY mode. Command is portcfgislmode. The VSAN connected to 12000 in MDS should be configured into interop mode 3.

You should configure both 12000 and MDS in the same way. If IOD is used, then it should be used in both. Same goes with DLS (and DPS). I don't know what kind of environment you have, but I'd use IOD just to be sure.

If it's possible use DLS and exchange based routing. It is most effective way to balance load in your case. But make sure that all your storage arrays support it. For example HP EVA Continuous Access does not support it yet. FICON doesn't support it etc.

If you decide to use IOD and exchange based routing the configuration looks something like this.

portcfgislmode xxx
aptpolicy 3 (switch needs to be in switchdisable mode first)

vsan x name "name" interop 3 loadbalancing src-dst-ox-id
in-order-guarantee vsan x


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Re: 12000 and MDS9513 inter connectivity

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I've managed to successfully link cisco to brocade in a test env using 2/32 (3900) - The 3900 and 12000 only permit use of aptpolicy 1 (port based routing). On the 3900 the return path/routing to the cisco used only one ISL of several because the Cisco VSAN Domain ID is the same for all ISL's only one ISL can be used. My main concern here is that there are two 2GB storage controller ports on the brocade 12000 and if they both use one 2GB ISL only for RX traffic. Is it possible to add a static path/route for storage controller port 1 to use inport Slot1Port0 DID 110 outport Slot1Port15 and a second path/route for storage controller port 2 to use inport Slot2Port0 DID 110 outport Slot2Port15. Could you please also confirm that if IOD and DLS are changed on 12000 it is non disruptive. Again many thanks for assistance with this.


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Re: 12000 and MDS9513 inter connectivity


You can add static routes with command urouteconfig, but static routes work based on destination domain (switch). So if your storage ports are in the same switch, it doesn't help. And I wouldn't use static routes anyway. When an ISL goes down traffic stops because there is a static route. Static routes don't work dynamically, right :)

I believe changing of IOD or DLS is non disruptive.

Here is a quote from FabOS release notes: "DLS recomputes load sharing when a switch boots up or each time an E_Port goes offline and online, or a Fx_Port goes offline."

So if the traffic is still on one link after you have activated DLS, you can try to balance routes by disabling and enabling F or E ports. Use topologyshow and urouteshow to verify the possible changes. Sorry, this is the best idea that I can come up with and I know it's not a good one.


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Re: 12000 and MDS9513 inter connectivity

ISL beetwen Brocade and Cisco is Supported by Certified FabOS and SAN-OS Release

For exact details see the Brocade Matrix Guide and Cisco Interop-Guide


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