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Ethernet Switch

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Short Cable Mode (Green Mode)

I'm using the BCM53128 in an embedded system design. Each port have cable connections that are never greater than 1 foot. I would like to know if I can fix the "PHY receiver power" like in the "Short Cable Mode" without using the internal 8051?


I would like to do this without using the "cable diagnostic routine"  as indicated on page 68 of 53128-AN102-R.


I'm wondering if there are internal 53128 registers that sets the PHY receiver power?


My goal is to reduce power dissipation where can.

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Re: Short Cable Mode (Green Mode)


It requires to enable 53128 internal 8051 and use the updated 8051 SW image for the power saving modes including the short cable mode.

There are no internal gphy registers for fixed registers setting.





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