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How to configure the IMP of BCM53101M?


     I connected the GMAC of the BCM53101M  to my CPU(zynq 7010) with the mode configuration is RvMII, and I want to communication with outside through the PHY Port 0-4. The Port 0-4 can communication each other. But when I try to use my CPU ping the Internet through the Port 0-4, it mentioned :host is not a alive. Is there any registers I need to configure in BCM53101M ?



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Re: How to configure the IMP of BCM53101M?

Hi Frank,

Firstly I assume your RvMII interface HW design and timing is verified ok between 53101M and CPU(zynq 7010).

For 52101M IMP port, it required to force link up by registers write.

Please find the following example for 53101M IMP port operates in unmanaged mode and 100Mbps.

1. set Reg(0x00: 0x08)=0x1C

2. set Reg(0x00: 0x0B)=0x02

3. set Reg(0x00: 0x0E)=0x87

4. set Reg(0x02: 0x00)=0x02

Please double check it and let me know if there is any questions.



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