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Ethernet Switch

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Accepted Solution

BCM5389 IMP port configuration


from 5389-DS11-RDS.pdf page11, we can get that:

"Note: The RvMII/GMII/RGMII port is used as an IMP (Management) Port only. It is not available for a PHY or network port connection."

also get from datasheet:" Frame Management Block

The RvMII/GMII/RGMII port configured as a frame management port is referred to as the Independent Management Port (IMP). The IMP can be used as a full-duplex 1000/100/10 Mbps port and can be configured to operate in RGMII, GMII, or RvMII modes. This port can be used to forward extensive management information to the external management agent, such as BPDUs, mirrored frames, or frames addressed to other static address entries that have been identified as a special interest to the management system."

so in my opiontion, this IMP can only work with external managent entry, i.e. CPU and so on. could you help to double check whether we can use it as regulart network port. i.e. we connect this RGMII port to external CPU and wants to all traffic can forwork this port.

thanks a lot.

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Re: BCM5389 IMP port configuration


Confirmed that the IMP port is used as a IMP(Management) Port only, it is not available for a PHY or network port connection which described in Note of 5389-DS11-R page59.

If you need all front ports traffic forward to IMP port, it may configure several VLAN domain between front ports and IMP port. And configure egress untag on IMP port to external CPU.



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