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BCM53286 Fiber Signal Detect Input Levels


What are the VIL / VIH / Input Current specifications for the SGMII / SerDes Interface Fiber Signal Detect input pins (SD_G0 thru to SD_G3) on the BCM53286? I can't find this information anywhere in the Datasheet?

I currently have them pulled up to the +2V5 supply rail via 10K's, but looking at the level at the pin they are sitting at approximately 1.7V with no fiber present, although they seem to work ok.

Either the input is clamping through input protection diodes, or i have very leaky SD inputs (80uA approx) on my board? Is that possible?



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Re: BCM53286 Fiber Signal Detect Input Levels

Hi Darren,

Please refer to datasheet below for the Fiber Signal Detect input pin Vil/Vih and input current spec.



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