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Ethernet Switch

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BCM53134O Datasheet 2.5GbE/SerDes Timing

The datasheet on page 133 shows different signalling speed 1.25GBaud/3.125GBaud for the input/output timing at 2.5GbE/SerDes.

What are the correct values?

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Re: BCM53134O Datasheet 2.5GbE/SerDes Timing


BCM53134O SGMII interface supports 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps speed.

Right, it is typo in datasheet [2.5GbE/SerDes Timing] section. For input timing, the receive Data Signaling Speed is 3.125 Gbaud and not the 1.25 Gbaud.

The datasheet will to update to correct the typo in next update release.




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