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Brocade switches and ansible

I automate deployments for all of our Cisco switches through Ansible. I would like to do the same with Brocade. Currently I am trying with the ironware_command module. I get the error from ansible {"msg": "unable to disable terminal pager"}


This is my yaml I am using to test this:

- name: Get Device Facts
hosts: brocade
gather_facts: no
connection: local
- name: "user"
prompt: "User"
private: no
- name: "PASS"
prompt: "Password"
private: yes

- name: get config
- show interfaces brief


Anyone have a better way of doing this?


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Re: Brocade switches and ansible

ansible reference examples on are using locally executed scripts dependent on pyfos. they are not using ssh connection. do you have specific use cases in mind?

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