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Announcing: Brocade Education Automation Training Track

Hello everyone,

I am the content developer of a number of free Brocade automation courses which are available to the community at large. 


For external users, they can be found by selecting the Education link from the main Customer Support Portal page.  For further help in finding the content: Click to Download - Easy Access to Brocade Customer Support Portal and Education (1 page) PDF


I recommend taking the following four courses to begin your education journey in the Brocade automation environment.  These courses are designed to stretch and teach you the fundamentals of our automation technology. 


If new to the automation space I recommend the following curriculum path:


1. Introduction to Fabric OS Introduction (API-220) – General overview of the REST API, PyFOS and Ansible automation topics

2. Fabric OS REST Implementation (REST-320) – In depth discussion on the Fabric OS REST API

3. PyFOS Installation (PyFIN-220) – Detailed discussion on PyFOS installation topics

4. PyFOS Zoning (PyZONE-220) – Complete coverage of the PyFOS zoning utilities


thanks and enjoy,


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