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Application Delivery (ADX)

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usb0 drive keeps getting disconnected in my ADX's

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I have a pair of ADX model SI-1016-2, firmware version 12.4.00sT401 that my company uses for site loadbalancing/SSL termination.


I'm new to the company (1.5 months or so) and have been doing a lot of SSL cert work over the past week. I keep running into an issue where the ADX's just randomly lose sight of the USB0 drive so I can't upload any further key/certs and can't create profiles out of the ones that are there. So far I haven't seen any correspondence between what I am doing and when it happens.


Most of the work I have been doing on the CLI however I have been told that to upload the keys/certs effectively it needs to be done through the GUI. I've found that on average they lose sight of usb0 after 1.5 or so file uploads and a few queries to pull up given certs in the key/cert display.


reloading/rebooting the adx's brings the drive back but it seems there should really be a better way. I was told they recently did a firmware upgrade to fix the issue but obviously that didn't work if it was the case.


Any ideas? I don't see any other posts about this problem but since it is happening in both of my load balancers it doesn't seem to be like a 1 off kind of thing.



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Re: usb0 drive keeps getting disconnected in my ADX's

Don't know why you keep losing access to your USB drive.  However, as a workaround you should be able to load your certs from the local drive of whatever system your browser is running on.  I've loaded my certs this way via the GUI & it works quite well.


FWIW, we're running 12.5.02bT403


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Re: usb0 drive keeps getting disconnected in my ADX's

Loading via the GUI is what I have been doing and the reason why losing the USB0 drive (the internal storage where all the certs are stored) is a problem. You can't upload a cert or create a profile if the system ADX can't see the place they are stored.


Once connectivity is lost you can't create profiles via gui or cli. It's just gone period. You have to reboot for the device to reconnect.


I have been told (I haven't tried it myself) that uploading the certs via gui is the only option unless you use a very specific version of putty. I hear that more recent versions of scp will not work.



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