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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Hi everyone , i am new to managing  server load balancer and i need help , my virtual server config is like this :-

server virtual c-dinotrackws-vipxxxxx a.b.c.d
sym-priority 200
port http
port http cookie-name "ServerID"
port http csw-policy "policy-adnfews"
port http csw
port http keep-alive
port ssl
no port ssl sticky
port ssl ssl-terminate
port ssl cookie-name "ServerID"
port ssl csw-policy "policy-adnfews"
port ssl csw
port ssl keep-alive
bind http c-yaho01 http c-yaho02 http
bind ssl c-yaho01 81 c-yaho01  81

one of the developer asked me that he is going to use rewriterule in the coding so that if the request doesnot fulfill certain request variable then we send back http status of 202 or 410. but will this freak the load balancer out ? .... and i said no... which i hope i was right. if not please let me know . and is there any good books or pdf that i can study so that i know a little more about these load balancers.



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Re: question

This should not be a problem. The real server return code is not really important talking about the communication in between the client and the real server via the virtual server. The only thing you have to take care of is that the real server needs to respond with a well known status code talking about health checks coming from the ServerIron itself. They should not start to reply with a 402 to a ServerIron health check request.

You would have to add 402 to the list of allowed return codes to get the status of a real server to active in case they do so.

Please try to use a "meaningful" title the next time. "Question" is a bit to general from my point of view...

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