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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Registered: ‎12-09-2015

bp high utilization problem

hi dear,

we have  an ADX-1216 with license for  4 core CPU and L 3 ip routing, we've configured 3 caceh  servers in same group.

now we have problem, just with 2.6 Gb ingress traffic all of 4 BP go to  96% utilization !

then we tried bypass cache-farm for decreasing proccess but we saw 75% utilization of BPs just for routing 2.6 Gb traffic without any server definition !


now pleas help me to decreasing proccess i thnk we shouldn't  have problme with throughput 4 Gb until 9 Gb throughput in datasheet.



Thank you.

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Re: bp high utilization problem

What code version are you running on the ADX?

Jacob Bartlett
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Re: bp high utilization problem


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