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Application Delivery (ADX)

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With Symmetric-SLB, VIP dupulication occuered when standby-switch's VIP comes up.

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I'm using two serveriron L2 switches with symmetric-slb.


During Active switch's operating normally, I deleted virtual v1 from standby switch.


The problem was occured when I re-configured virtual v1 in standby switch.


All services with the virutal v1 were not working for about 50 seconds.


As I analysis the logs of both devices, VIP duplication messages were occured on both devices with 50 seconds delay.


Here is the log messages from both devices. (Time is synced with NTP.)


First, at Active device

Apr 28 03:16:22:W: Duplicate IP address detected.


Second, at Standby device 

Apr 28 03:17:13:W: Duplicate IP address detected…”

Apr 28 03:17:24:N: Sym VIP changed state from active to standby(Keep from master)


I assumed that the ARP table of Core L3 switch was changed from Active switch MAC to Standby switch MAC,


than all traffic to VIP was forwarded to Standby switch until Active switch broadcasts GARP of that VIP.


I'm just wondering when GARP broadcast from Standby and Active switch is processed and why Active swtch's GARP broadcast is delayed for 50 seconds.


Please, help me to understand what was happened.

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