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Application Delivery (ADX)

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What takes precedence stickiness or URL switching (using CSW)?

What happens in case I am using URL switching (or any other kind of layer 7 switching) together with stickiness? I do need some kind of persistency and I am not able to use cookies for several reasons and therefore I would like to use IP based stickiness. Is this possible together with URL switching (CSW)?

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Re: What takes precedence stickiness or URL switching (using CSW)?

Both features work together the following way: you are going to define server groups using CSW - different server groups have different resposibilities. There might be a server group which is responsible for graphics (jpg, gif, bmp files and so on) and another group which is responsible for static html content and some more groups.

URL switching at the ServerIron is going to ensure that a request hits a server responsible for the object type requested. Every HTTP GET asking for a JPG file is going to hit a real server which is responsible for jpg files. It is obvious that you can have a single server anymore which is responsible for a given client. A very simple setup using IP based stickiness would select a server for a given client and ALL following requests coming from the same client would hit the initially selected server.

It is slightly different in case you are using L3 based stickiness together with URL switching. URL switching takes precedence and first of all the ServerIron is going to select a real server out of the real server group responsible for the type of request. The ServerIron is going to create a sticky session for the client now which is ONLY responsible for this subset of real servers. Following requests to the same subset of real servers will hit the same real server.

A single client might create multiple sticky sessions - one for graphics, another one for static html pages and so on. A client is therefore sticky inside a group of real servers responsible for a special type of objects.

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