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Application Delivery (ADX)

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What is the command to check the load of my ServerIron?

I am looking for indicators what to look at to detect performance problems / potential bottlenecks.

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Re: What is the command to check the load of my ServerIron?

There are multiple command you have to look at. A ServerIron is a multi-processor device with a lot of different functions. Bottlenecks might occur at different places even if the boxes are pretty powerful and most of the customers do not reach the limits.

One place to look at is the WebGUI. There is a Dashboard and a Statistik page and both are showing interesting details lile the CPU load and the amount of sessions etc.

I do not have an ADX picture handy but here is one from a ServerIron 4G:


Looking at the CLI I would suggest to check the output of commands like:

CPU util: show cpu

Interface util: show interface

Session table: show server sessions

Connection rates: show server tcp-attack

Memory: show memory

There are a few other commands depending on what is actually getting done but the commands I have mentioned here are usually enough.

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