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Application Delivery (ADX)

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What do I have to do to load balance traffic to real server which are not local?

I do have an ADX in one of our datacenters and I would like to configure the ADX to load balance some servers offering HTTP but these servers are not connected to the ADX directly. They are in another datacenter (in another subnet than the ADX). Is this possible?

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Re: What do I have to do to load balance traffic to real server which are not local?

First of all: this is possible BUT there are some things you have to ensure.

Real servers which are not part of an IP subnet the ServerIron is in as well are called remote real servers. Remote real server are basically real server which are reachable using routing (next-hop might be the default gateway or some other gateway). You need to configure remote real server as remote real server which is getting done via:

server remote name ip-address

Please ensure you do configure non-local real servers as REMOTE real servers.

The most common problem talking about real servers which are not local is the traffic flow. Source-nat is required in most of the situations to force the traffic back to the ServerIron to do the IP address translation. Source-nat is required because the remote server is normally able to talk to the client directly bypassing the ServerIron. This is resulting in problem because IP translations are not getting down and the ServerIron is not able to keep track of the return traffic.

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