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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Serveriron XL - request-insert client-id

I need the client-id inserted in http headers for apache logging. I have added the following to my virtual server config:

port http request-insert client-ip "X-Forwarded-For"

but it doesnt appear to be working. I read somewhere that I have to have url-switch or cookie-switch enabled for this to work. Is this true, and if so, which one should I use. I do not really need any of these features - just whatever is required to allow the header insertion to work.

This is a production environment with live traffic, so I really need to know how to do this without breaking my basic LB configuration that currently works. I saw a reference to a 'dummy url-switch' somewhere but saw no explanation or sample. Is there a way to enable this feature, to allow header insertion to work, without the url-switch actually doing anything?



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Re: Serveriron XL - request-insert client-id

Hi Jonathan,

     I cannot see this command in the XL manual.  However this works in a SI GT.  By that fact that you can enter a port http request-insert imply this should work.


Add the following two lines to your config. TRY IN AN OUTAGE WINDOW.

HTTP header insertion causes the ServerIron to insert a header into the HTTP requests it receives on a port on a virtual server or into the HTTP responses it sends out from a port on a virtual server. The header is specified with the port http request-insert command (for HTTP requests) or the port http response-insert command (for HTTP responses).

To cause the ServerIron to insert the HTTP header specified with the port http request-insert command into requests matching rule r1, enter the following commands:

ServerIron(config)#csw-rule r1 header host exists
ServerIron(config-csw-policy1)#match r1 rewrite request-insert header



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Re: Serveriron XL - request-insert client-id

Tried that and got an error:

SLB-telnet@ServerIron 4G(config)#csw-rule r1 header host exists
SLB-telnet@ServerIron 4G(config)#csw-policy p1
SLB-telnet@ServerIron 4G(config-csw-p1)#match r1 rewrite request-insert header
Action for rule "r1" is not specified
It seems it is looking for a "match r1 forward <server-id>"?
Can i just assign a server id to my virtual server so the normal load balancing I have setup there will work?
server virtual outside
port http server-id 1
csw-rule r1 header host exists
csw-policy p1
match r1 forward 1
match r1 rewrite request-insert header
Will that work, or do server-id have to be assigned to real servers?
I assume in this scenario that rule r1 would only match http requests? not ssh, https, etc? I wouldnt want this rule sending non-http traffic to the virtual http port.
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Re: Serveriron XL - request-insert client-id

So, I got it working - but it broke my track-groups?

I did the following:

url-map u1

default 0

server virtual outside

port http url-map "u1"

port http url-switch

port http request-insert client-ip

and my headers started showing up. However, my track-group http 443 stopped working and my http/https connections started bouncing from server to server?

I removed the above configuration and the track groups started working again

Why would these affect each other?

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