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ServerIron VIP to load balance between forward proxies healthcheck

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Hello ,

I was told by the network administrator that has set up the VIP load balancing that he needs to do a healthcheck on the proxies .

He asked for me to create an html file on each proxy with the url http://<cache-ip>/healthcheck.html and send back an http 200 ok if the proxy server service (squid ) is running .

As i understand that is a healthcheck done when loadbalancing web servers .

From what I understand the tech must configure the healthcheck to be done with a get url from a real site through the proxies so he can understand they still are up and working . Meaning that his request must be i.e. for and if it gets a http 200 ok then the proxy is considered to have passed the healthcheck .


Is there any sense in installing a webserver on the proxy and serve that page ?  From my understanding I see that even if the checkhealth.html goes back to the serveriron correctly my proxy might be now working despite that fact .



Thank you .


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Re: ServerIron VIP to load balance between forward proxies healthcheck



You are correct creating a cache server with healthcheck on a local file residing on the cache and served by a local web service running on the cacahe will only check the web servvice and not the cache functionaility


You are also correct you should configure a cache server with IP of cache and then healthcheck of external website such as



server cache-name cache1

 port default disable

 port http

 port http url "GET"



Hope this helps





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