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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ServerIron 1016-4


i am configuring SI-1016 first time. i did the followings steps to start with http load balancing,

1. Created a seprate VLAN and connected SI management Interface to it and assigned the ip address

2. Connected the Interface 1 to switch (L2 switch, also servers are connected to this switch)

3. add the default route.

4. Tested to ping Real Servers, perfectly working.

5. configured the real server

server port 80


tcp l4-check-only


context default


server real sweb1

port http


6. Configured the Virtual serveras

server virtual  default local

port http

bin http pbad-spweb http

7. Performed the test

SSH@ServerIronADX 1000#
SSH@ServerIronADX 1000#show server bind 

Bind info

Virtual server:    Status: enabled  IP: 192,168.50.117
        http -------> sweb1:,  http (Failed)
SSH@ServerIronADX 1000#

Output is failed.

Can any one help me on this

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Re: ServerIron 1016-4


did you check that there is really a webservice running on!


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