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Application Delivery (ADX)

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SMTP Gateway loadbalancing using Brocade ADX 1016

Dear Friends,


I am planning to implement Brocade Loadbalancer to load balance traffic between SMTP Gateway. Our MX record is pointing to one of our Public IP Address for example and a static nat is configured to forward the SMTP traffic from internet to inside IP The will be the virtual IP Address on our Brocade ADX firewall with two real servers (SMTP Gateway 01) and (SMTP Gateway 02). I don't want to enable any source nat for incoming mail because if i enable source nat, it will be very difficult to track the source of Emails. So the Load balancers will be inline, so the load balancer can load balance mails between SMTP server 01 and SMTP Server 02. But i am confused how the load balancer will process the outgoing mails. i want to configure a source nat for outgoing mails from SMTP Gateways to do a source nat for all outgoing emails with IP Address, then only my firewall will nat those emails to and forward that traffic to internet. Please provide any solution to resolve this issue. The network diagram is uploaded here:


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