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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Rconsole Wizardry

Hey there,

I was curious if there was a way to get a session count for a single host to a VIP? Per a previous post I put here, we have a load-generator that is at this point generating a bunch of traffic (multiple sessions) all coming from the same source IP... Obviously this is polarizing the load distribution capabilities (sticky sessions enabled) of the ADX... That is another issue though... Currently I wanted to know if there was a way (presumably in rconsole) where I could see how many sessions are associated with 1 client? I have used show commands like "show sessions all 0" but this doesn't yield the information I am looking for... I want to be able to say to the load-testing people that "your load generator with the IP of x.x.x.x currently has X sessions open to the real server X through VIPx"... Is this possible?


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Re: Rconsole Wizardry

you have two option from my point of view.

a) If you use connection-log feature, every connection for VIP is sent for syslog server. you can manipulate your logs on syslog and analyze.

b) If you use TRL (Transaction Rate Limitting)  feature and set hold-down-time 0, that will give you just information about the source IP above the configured criteria without actually rate limitting.

i.e. if a single host connect to VIP more than 1500 new connection within 10 seconds, ADX will send syslog  its source IP and VIP etc. Below is sample configuration. If you use this feature, use 12.4.00g latest code.

ServerIronADX 1000# conf t

ServerIronADX 1000(config)# client-trans-rate-limit tcp TR1 

ServerIronADX 1000(config-client-trl-TR1)# trl exclude                                      

ServerIronADX 1000(config-client-trl-TR1)# trl default monitor-interval 100 conn-rate 1500 hold-down-time 0

ServerIronADX 1000(config-client-trl-TR1)# server virtual VIP1

ServerIronADX 1000(config-vs-VIP1)# client-trans-rate-limit TR1

ServerIronADX 1000(config-vs-VIP1)# interface eth 1

ServerIronADX 1000(config-if-e1000-1)# ip tcp trans-rate 80

you can also specify ve interface instead of physical interface eth1



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Re: Rconsole Wizardry

You rock Kono. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

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