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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How do I achieve stickiness/persistency for more than 60 minutes?

It looks like I am limited to an hours because the sticky-age parameter needs to be between 2 and 60 minutes.

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Re: How do I achieve stickiness/persistency for more than 60 minutes?

Have a look at the sticky settings below the virtual server configuration - you will find a setting called "sticky-age-multiplier" there:

server virtual vipA

  sticky-age 60

  sticky-age-multiplier 8


Out of the documentation:

Increase Sticky-age per VIP longer than 60 minutes

Several applications require sticky age to be longer than the 60 minute global maximum that is configured using the server sticky-age command as described in “Setting the Sticky Age” on page 2-50. This may occur where a client connects in the morning and requires connectivity throughput the day.

There are also situations where you may want to configure a different value per Virtual Server. The following command allows you to apply a multiplier value to the global sticky-age value for a specific Virtual Server:

ServerIron(config)# server virtual-name-or-ip vs1
ServerIron(config-vs-vs1)# sticky-age-multiplier 5

Syntax: sticky-age-multiplier <multiplier-value>

The <multiplier-value> variable is a numerical value in the following range: 2 to 120. This value is used to produce a sticky-age value for the Virtual Server it is configured under that is a multiple of the value configured globally for the ServerIron as described in “Setting the Sticky Age” on page 2-50. For example, if the sticky age is configured to be 20 minutes, and the sticky-age-multiplier to be 40, then the actual sticky age of the sticky sessions for the
server will be 20x40= 800 minutes.

Please note that even though the sticky-ages are multiplied, the show session command will still only show ordinary age of the sticky sessions. The difference is that the age is incremented in a slower pace when multiplier is applied. For example if the sticky-age-multiplier is configured to be 40, the age counter in the session table is incremented once in 40 minutes instead of 1 minute.

NOTE: You can remove the multiplier by using sticky-age-multiplier 1 or no sticky-age-multiplier <number>

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