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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How To Config http response "404 not found" rule in ADX

Dear support:

                   I try to get => http response "200 OK" , I get => http response "404 Not Found" (Becasue Real Server don't have this file), I want ADX help me if http response 404,ADX redirect this traffic to .About this function,How can I do? Thanks.

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Re: How To Config http response "404 not found" rule in ADX

Hi an704890,

I think this is not possible. There would be 2 options to accomplish that, but neither work.

The problem is that you want to change the response code 404 -> 302. The ADX supports to rewrite HTTP header fields and the HTTP body. But the response code cannot be changed with a rewrite rule.

A csw redirect rule is also not possible, as you cannot match on a response code inside a redirect rule.

A solution would be to configure the real servers to provide the correct response.


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