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Application Delivery (ADX)

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High CPU on VADX


I am running a POC at a customer with the trial version of the virtual ADX. The current setup only loadbalaces an Exchange setup with two CAS servers loadbalanced on one VIP. This setup is working fine on an ADX-1008. The configuration is almost 1-on-1 copied to the Virtual ADX. While the HW ADX is running without problems, the Virtual ADX runs into CPU load issues. A "show cpu-util" shows one core is permanently loaded with100%.

A "show proc cpu 2" shows a process named <NULL> is using 99.7% CPU usage
The troughput at that moment is around 1Mbps, so I first suspected the license but this is installed correctly. I don't think the ADX was reloaded after installing the license, might that be an issue?


Any help is appreciated!





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Re: High CPU on VADX

Hi Erik, 


Thanks for trying out the Virtual ADX evaluation.  Let's cover the main concern you have in regards to the installation verification of the appropriate license for you to test Virtual ADX.


For background, Virtual ADX when it's first installed will be equipped with a developer license with 1 Mbps of L4 throughput - which is used mostly for limited purpose and not for production testing purpose.  Then, the evaluation package that you've donwloaded will include the software along with the evaluation license that you need to install into the software to get the 60 day term activation of the 3Gbps of throughput - which is ideal for application testing.


With your current environment having the 1008, the Virtual ADX eval with 3 Gb of licese will be the ideal solution for you to have a comparable testing.   


From the symptoms mentioned in the thread, whereas traffic is rate limited to 1 Mbps though 3 Gbps trial license is applied. To confirm, please use this commands to collect the output to better confirm the root cause:

1) -> “show license”,  

2) -> “show rate-limit” and

3) -> “show rate-limit counters”


Analyze the output:

1) If ‘show license’ shows 3 Gbps license,

2) ‘show rate-limit’ shows average/max-burst as 1 Mbps instead of 3 Gbps and

3) “show rate-limit counters” shows drops,


This means you need to reload the Virtual ADX.  


Once you've reloaded, do the 3 commands above again and check for the output.  You should now be seeing a different output that should indicate the 3 Gbps is now loaded properly. 

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Re: High CPU on VADX

Just one additional point. The high CPU on core 1 is expected. The application core (BP core) is the

2nd CPU which you should be monitoring. Core 1 is a special core (DPDK core) that will always display

100% utilization, so only the CPU reading for core-2 (and above) should be monitored.





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Re: High CPU on VADX

Hi all,


Thanks for your replies.


The show rate-limit commands did not give any output (at all), the license seemed to be installed correctly.


BUT, the reboot solved all issues, now the traffic shows peaks of >10mbit and performance seems to be good, no complaints from the users. Apparently the high CPU triggered the wrong idea with me.





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