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Application Delivery (ADX)

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HTTP L7 Healthcheck for Virtual Websites running on same IP Address


Multiple virtual web sites are running on a web server. All web sites point to the same IP Address. Administrator wants to run separate L7 healthchecks for each web site so that if we wants to stop a particular virtual web site then the traffic is redirected to other real servers.

How can we use HTTP L7 healthchecks for multiple virtual web sites running on same IP Address. I know how to do it for a single web site and I know how to configure it when virtual web sites are residing on multiple VIPs but I am stuck with the same VIP for multiple web sites. I can point to a single URL but it will belong to only one web site



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Re: HTTP L7 Healthcheck for Virtual Websites running on same IP Address

Since this website is defined as a single server/site on the ADX, the ADX is going to treat it as a single site. As you mentioned you can do detailed L7 checks to the single site and even content specific checks but, since the virtual sites are only known to the server, the ADX currently can not determine their health.

Are you using name-based virtual hosting?

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