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Application Delivery (ADX)

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FastIron GS stack question...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I apologize in advance for this question...

If I have 2 FastIron GS 24 port switches in a stack configuration, and the bottom switch isn't being used, would I be able to disconnect that bottom switch and repurpose it, without interrupting the primary switch? Thanks for stiffling the giggles in advance!

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Re: FastIron GS stack question...

Please excuse me but I can not resist and I have to start with the following: keep in mind that this is a Application Delivery Intrastructure community related to Brocade's Application Delivery Controllers. Your question does not really fit into this environment because it is related to L2/L3 devices and not to L4-7 devices.

Let me try to answer your question now: there should not be any outage if a member unit fails and there should not be any outage if the standby controller fails.

My 2 cents.

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