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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Cannot rconsole to BP



I am having trouble logging into the BP console on an ADX 1000. When I try rconsole 1 1 I get a 'Invalid BP index '1' error. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?


SSH@adx1.lab#rconsole 1 1
Error: Invalid BP index '1'
SSH@adx1.lab#rconsole 1 2
Error: Invalid BP index '2'

I noticed this problem as a result of trying to capture packets and view them on the BP.


SSH@adx1.lab#debug filter
SSH@adx1.lab(debug-filter)#view bp 1 1
Error: Invalid cpu '1'




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Re: Cannot rconsole to BP

Hi Patrick,

Looks like there is an issue with the license on your ADX. Can you give output of following commands

1. show license

2. show bp-status

3. show version



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Re: Cannot rconsole to BP

Hi Mohit,


Output below...


SSH@adx1.lab#show license
Index      Package Name         Lid          License Type    Status     License Period
1          SI-1008F-1           HfHKIIlFhy   normal          active     unlimited
2          ADX-1008-1-LIC-2PPLS HfHKIIlFhy   normal          active     unlimited

SSH@adx1.lab#show bp-status
No slave module

SSH@adx1.lab#show version
Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Boot Version 12.4.00T405 Nov 21 2011 15:10:38 PST label: dob12400
Monitor Version 12.4.00T405 Nov 21 2011 15:10:38 PST label: dob12400
System Version 12.4.00kT403 Oct 23 2013 07:44:11 PDT label: ASR12400k
AXP Version: 1.18 Dated: 2012/12/14 14:59:06
PAX Version: 8.6 Dated: 2011/11/28 10:12:32
MBRIDGE Version: 000b, Device ID # bebe

Type:   ServerIron ADX 1016F-2
      Backplane Serial #:   2B0324J00E
      Chassis Serial #:   2D2533J0FW
      LID #: HfHKIIlFhy  License: SI-1016F-2
      Part #:   40-1000613-05
      SSL Card - Serial #: 1F0324J019       Part #: 40-1000373-02
      Version #: 13b626-05050505-111d8036-00
Active management module:
       1499 MHz Power PC processor (SVR 2.2, PVR 8021/0030) 599 MHz bus
        512 KB Boot flash
      131072 KB Code flash
       2048 MB DRAM
The system uptime is 4 hours 3 minutes 29 seconds
The system started at 17:28:03, GMT+00, Thu Jun 19 2014

The system - boot source: secondary, mode: warm start,   soft reset, total resets:3

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Re: Cannot rconsole to BP

Hi Mohit,


Well spotted. it looks like the license I have only supports switch code, but I'm running router code. I don't have the PREM license feature installed. That might be causing the problem.



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