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Application Delivery (ADX)

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CVE-2015-7547 glibc

Did someone know if Virtual Traffic Manager (and other products) are affected by glibc-Bug?


At our virtual Traffic manager glibc Version is 2.19.

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Re: CVE-2015-7547 glibc

Curious as well, latest stable is before official patches, so I assume it is vulnerable. Is anyone working on a patched version, like 10.4?





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Re: CVE-2015-7547 glibc

Hi @hansch and @ojury,


It looks like your questions were resolved via TAC and I hope everything is working as expected now. I am going to post the resolution below just incase anyone else has the same question:

This is a single hotfix suitable to all currently supported BvTM VA  (virtual appliance) versions: 9.9, 10.0r1, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3. (If you are running 9.8 or earlier, an upgrade to 9.9 or later is required first.) This can be installed via the admin UI (System > Traffic Manager > Software Upgrade) and will need to be installed on each cluster member individually. After upgrading all of them, they should then be rebooted, one at a time.

If you wish to confirm the change before and after, you can run the following command from the command line to view the eglibc version:

# ldd --version

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