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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX1000 sending all external traffic to the same real server

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I have an ADX1000 configured with no stickiness of any kind, no csw, anything that would make connections persist. In fact, here's the config snippet of my virtual server:

server virtual server-webVIP [VIP ip address]
 predictor round-robin
 port ssl
 no port ssl sticky
 no port ssl translate
 port ssl tcp-age 2
 port ssl no-group-failover
 port http
 port http tcp-only
 bind ssl server01 ssl server02 ssl server03 ssl
 bind http server01 http server02 http server03 http

I'm serving a website behind incapsula, which restricts the incoming requests to a list of known ips, still, they all are directed towards server02, even if these ips are very different from each other (i.e.: not from the same subnet). If I curl the VIP ip directly, it does the expected round-robin assignment. How can I get this behaviour for every request?



One other strange thing I noticed: I can disable the server that gets all the requests in traffic -> real servers section and the requests still get passed to that server successfully. this is very strange...

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