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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX feature question (XML, VIP limit)


The ADX datashee says that for example for ADX 1008 you may have maximum 32 VIP servers.

Is this just an IP ir is this a complete bind for vip and port?

For example is 32 vip with one binded port equals to 1 vip with 32 binded ports? Or we can actually have more, then 32?


Second question is regqrding the health checks.

Our customer previously used Cisco devices with XML scripting. Can we use ADX for the following?:

1.  example the server marked as live if, during th health check server sends back a reply, containing the right first 20 byte.

2. example the server  sends back a reply, containing the right first 20 byte, than reads the next 5 bytes and translate to a number. If this number is higher than some predefined number, than the server is marked active.


As i understand scripted health checks on ADX only compare the full answer from server and are not appropriate for such custom health check.


Kind regards,


Posts: 22
Registered: ‎12-04-2012

Re: ADX feature question (XML, VIP limit)

No answer still ((


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Re: ADX feature question (XML, VIP limit)

Hi Aleksandr,

For first part about VIP servers, the limit is for 32 virtual IPs, however there is a separate parameter that limit how many bindings you can have. 

To see details about these things you can execute following show command and it will show you the limits for various parameters.  "show default values"


ServerIronADX 1000#show default values | i server

l4-real-server 1024 4096 1024
l4-virtual-server 256 1024 256
l4-server-port 2048 8192 2048

The "l4-server-port" defines total number of real and virtual server ports you can have. 


For the second question, you can use match list to define set of expected responses and action against them. Here is a link for match list functionality:



/ Mohit

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