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Security Analytics Support Tip: What does that pink banner mean - Or what is wrong with my hardware?  

08-27-2019 05:17 PM

Security Analytics systems are constantly monitoring for possible hardware problems. There is a daemon which provides an interface between the software side of the application and the hardware. When the hardware experiences a problem, the ‘hald’ daemon receives the message and passes it along to syslog. Syslog records it to /var/log/messages as well as sends the notification out to any

subscriptions that have been made, like communication to email or a syslog server. Be sure those notifications get to the right place because you want to know as quickly as possible if there is a hardware problem so it can be corrected.

Figure 1: Disk failure alert
Figure 1: Disk failure alert


One of those subscribers is our application, which updates the user interface with a short message in a pink banner at the top of the screen. The more recent releases of Security Analytics have a link in that pink banner to gather the pertinent logs and current software and hardware configuration so we may quickly diagnose the problem and get the right parts out to your site. As part of that dialogue, there is a chance to include the best shipping address. Please include the name of the company receiving the part and the best address, along with a contact name and phone number. Most data centers do not have a name on the outside of the building or do not match your company name. The contact name and number help get the part to the right person. The more accurate the information, the higher the success rate of getting the part to you in a timely fashion. Also, be sure to let us know if you desire to have a field technician replace the part, if included with your support contract. Most parts can be swapped while the hardware is up and running without interrupting your packet capture.

Figure 2: Details of Disk Failure Log
Figure 2: Details of Disk Failure Log


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