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Security Analytics 8.1 Key Feature – ICDx Support 

11-18-2019 02:55 PM

Security Analytics now supports ICDx to open up integrations with a multitude of tools and threat data, including SIEMS (Security Information and Event Monitoring) solutions, orchestration, other threat analytics tools, and data sources. It also eliminates the inconsistencies found in other 3rd party APIs.

ICDx support provides instant integration with thousands of apps. Basically, anything that integrates with ICDx can benefit from the massive data that Security Analytics can provide. Security Analytics provides extremely rich forensics data and will add great value to correlated data from other sources. Security Analytics supports two types of integration:


Event Notifications:

When the traffic that is captured and analyzed in Security Analytics matches a rule, Security Analytics will then send the alert metadata to ICDx servers. 


Metadata Forwarding:

You can choose to share Security Analytics metadata to the ICDx platform to be consumed by multiple other tools for further analysis

More on ICDx Integration in Security Analytics Documentation

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