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Introducing The New Improved Symantec VIP Access App 

11-09-2016 01:17 PM

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Nine years ago -- back when clouds stored rain and nothing more -- we unveiled a revolutionary two-factor authentication process for computers and mobile devices called Symantec Validation ID Protection (Symantec VIP for short.) Tried, tested, and true, it was the first password protection built with cloud-based infrastructure and it soon became the gold standard in defending the fight against network attacks and password breaches. Today we reintroduce the VIP Access app. This new version offers an updated workflow with a beautiful new user interface and QR Codes. Essentially, it now doubles down on the two core fundamentals that made the original so reliable: easy-as-pie simplicity and tough-as-nails security. 


VIP Access Push: The New Simplicity of VIP



To ensure smooth sailing from the get go, we have made the authentication set-up process as effortless as possible. With our new Push technology, you only need to go through the procedure once. Type your name, enter your password, and hit “accept.” Push will then send a notification to your mobile device that you can use in place of a security code, which you can use to securely access any of your online accounts that are powered by VIP with just a click. Ultimately, this one-tap system is a tremendous time-saver, doing away with all the hours wasted fumbling with six-digit verification codes. Even better, if your device is Touch ID enabled and your organization supports it, you can approve the notification with your thumbprint. Doesn’t get much easier or more well-protected than that. 


QR Codes: The New Security of VIP



Beefing up the security on your favorite websites is a snap as well. Using the camera on your smartphone, position a QR Code (you know, one of those matrix barcode thingies) in the center of your screen and make sure that it is in focus. Once the code is validated, your device will display the QR Code image and indicate the process was successful by beeping or vibrating.  Now you can visit your favorite websites and simply paste in the freshly generated verification codes. This process provides a sky-high level of anti-tampering, with keys protected and stored in a much more secretive manner than any methods provided by Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.  In fact, our two-factor authentication process is so powerful that it has been adopted by hundreds of major websites, including eBay, PayPal and E*TRADE.  And we’re only just getting started.


The next generation of universal security is currently on iPhone and will be available on Android soon.  We hope you enjoy VIP access, the future of password authentication!


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05-13-2017 07:18 PM

Since I've started using my Samsung S6 that have fingerprint scanner and it allows me to log in to the company emal I started to like that functionality quite a lot.

12-09-2016 05:25 PM

Que interesante y como hiciste para configurarla?  En todo caso VIP es una solucion flexible, que permite breindar seguridad con un segundo factor de autenticacion sin hacer este paso mas pesado, que es la principal queja de este tipo de soluciones. En realidad es muy completa la única observacion es que se bereria poder personalizar la interfase del cliente final en el dispositivo movil tipo (white label)



12-09-2016 02:42 PM

Like many of people here, I have never used the app and to be honest I have never heard about it even though I follow Symantec news quite often. It seems really neat and great time-saver. Since I've started using my Samsung S6 that have fingerprint scanner and it allows me to log in to the company emal I started to like that functionality quite a lot. I am pretty sure that this app would be great in a similar sense.

12-09-2016 03:07 AM

Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) helps protect your online transactions and ensure secure access of accounts. It requires an additional unique security code along with standard user name and password

12-08-2016 03:02 PM

It is available on Android.

12-08-2016 02:57 PM

This app looks really promising.  The world needs an easier way to do 2FA, especially after NIST's recent recommendation away from SMS for 2FA (  Please keep us updated if it ever becomes available for Android.

12-08-2016 02:35 AM

Yes i have installed this app in my phone and its really provideding me lhigh level security.

Great app by symantec and my recommdation is everyone need to be used this app

12-01-2016 02:08 PM

I think this is a great tool for two-factor authentication.  I use it on a few supported sites that I access almost daily.  It is also easier and less expensive to implement than other systems that perform similar functions for the enterprise.

12-01-2016 02:03 PM

Definitely interesting new level of security.. Like the 2FA authenication and security level

Looking forward to Andriod release as well

Paypal or these other websites sometimes have there stuff hidden too deep causing issues at time..

11-30-2016 11:06 AM

I first started using this app when it was initially released.

I am looking forward to the Android release of this product.

It would also be great if a Windows Phone version is created too.

11-25-2016 02:59 PM

Agree! it would be tremendous help to have a list we can provide our users so that they realize the usefulness of the application beyond just work.

Also, when will the QR functionality be integrated into the Gateway's Self-Service Portal?

11-17-2016 09:52 PM

Is there a list of websites that the new QR functionality works with? I'd love to include them in some security awareness documentation for our employees to enable 2FA for their personal accounts. 

11-16-2016 03:33 PM

I am always looking for a stonger MFA utility to keep my security level strong.

I will be informing my peers and friends about this, so they can create a better security ring around themselves.


11-15-2016 09:45 AM

It's not an app I've used but it certainly looks good. It seems that 2FA is becoming the norm but it's interesting that you've listed PayPal as using VIP. From what I've seen on the PayPal settings, they bury their 2FA deep within the settings and don't tell anyone about it. If they're using VIP then they need to be doing more to tell their users about it.

11-15-2016 05:35 AM

Combining both security with push technology for authenthication is magical. Great app to be used by everyone needing to be safe in today's IoT.

I personally have never used it but I think customers around the world require this more now than ever.This now needs to go public and in a big way to promote this app.

11-14-2016 05:25 AM

I've never used the app but I like the idea, sounds like it will simplfy the authentication process whilst making it more secure. 2FA is a must these days for staying secure. Great article, will try the app out when I get a chance.

11-14-2016 03:08 AM

Symantex 2FA with VIP Access is an amazing invention. For one thing, it can significantly increase the security of your online accounts without significantly increasing the hassle of logging in. Additionally, the most popular 2FA algorithms are available in both free software and proprietary software implementations. This second layer of authentication can help prevent unauthorized access even when your username and password may have been compromised.

11-13-2016 01:26 PM

I'm also a big supporter of two factor/multi-factor authentication but what do you tell the enterprise who refuses to leave a traditional PKI infrastructure?  I think tools like this need more push, more publicity and more real world exposure.

11-11-2016 12:22 PM

Love it, as Brian said when can Connect get 2FA?  Or does that work because a SYMC account has 2FA?


VIP is awesome and I think is something that doesn't get a lot of sales.  I know when I was working SYMC deals and accounts I didn't run into as much as I thought i should.  What a great product

11-11-2016 10:32 AM

An excellent article by Symantec. I reall like the VIP access push feature, especially if your device has Touch ID enabled. The use of QR codes looks good too. With more and more companies needing 2 factor auth, it only make sense for you to bring this out to help us to secure ours even more. 


11-11-2016 10:29 AM

Realmente fantastico. Lo descargue para mi Iphone. De las mejores apps para mejorar la seguridad de la vida digital.


Interfaz simple y sencilla, pasos de seguridad necesarios para protejer los datos.

11-11-2016 04:40 AM

I've been waiting on a more secure 2nd factor auth app and I seem to have received the best from Symantec - VIP.

I recommend this to every user in financial industry.

Symantec is security.

11-11-2016 03:53 AM

Nice update,

It works great on the Apple watch too,

Making it so easy to use is key, people are detered by 2FA as it can be a pain to do, signing, wait for a code etc, this doesn't slow down your workflow at all.

11-10-2016 08:39 PM

Symantec VIP Access provides the account and the idetity by as an extra layer of identity protection each time you sign in from physical or mobile devices, it is adding the security proteciotn to mobile browser to participating online banks and merchant sites within the VIP Network. This second layer of authentication can help prevent unauthorized access even when your username and password may have been compromised.

11-10-2016 05:08 PM

With more and more companies needing 2 factor auth, it only make sense for you to bring this out to help us to secure ours even more. While it's a bit disappointing that the Android app is not available yet, it's good to see that it's coming soon. What about Windows Mobilea s that's what we use at work? Is there any plans to bring it out as well.

I look forward to see what it can do for us IT admins globally. We need to fight back from these attacks out there!

11-10-2016 12:48 PM

Thanks @Symantec!

I've been waiting on a more secure 2nd factor auth app!  I've been using Googles for a while now and I feel this one is more secure and works a lot better.

I'll be sharing this app with my social media networks to try help others make the switch!

11-10-2016 11:39 AM

Good Thinking Symantec....

I've installed the VIP app a couple months ago and use it ll the time.

I have recommended it to all my friends and family members.

This definatly will cut down on unauthorized transaction when ordering online.

A BIG THANK YOU!  (always looking out)

11-10-2016 11:26 AM

I have this on my iPhone and love it. The ability to use the app instead of the desktop client is awesome when switching machines. That QR code feature is pretty cool and I, too, would like to see 2FA in the future!

11-10-2016 11:08 AM

This is a great app, I use for a few of my Sym/Norton accounts and it is quick and painless. Initial setup is quite simple and adding new sites to the mix is even quicker. I would like to see Connect get setup with 2FA in the near future.

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