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 Upgrade DLP - Warnings in output of Readiness Tool

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nadara sada posted May 23, 2024 10:39 AM

Hi everyone,

we have DLP symantec installed 16.0.1 in our company, and now there is a new version. we are upgrading to 16.0.2, before upgrade we have to run Readiness Tool, we did that but in the output there are 4 warningrs: Which is :  Oracle System Parameter Validation - elapsed .04s - WARNING (4 warnings).

Start: Oracle System Parameter Validation - 2024-05-22 15:38:01
    Parameter Name           Current Value    Recommended Value
    ------------------------------ -------------------- --------------------
    memory_target           0            3221225472
    pga_aggregate_target       1073741824        314572800
    sort_area_size           65536        0

can someone explain to us how to remediate to this, and if we apply the Upgrade can we have problems because of these warnings. Thank you

Best Regards

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Muhammad Atif


These 4 are generic warnings and do not impact the upgrade.

If you don't have any errors, proceed with the upgrade.

Best Regards,


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nadara sada

Hi Muhammad,

Thank you for your Reply.

Best regards