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  • 1.  Inactive computers on gss

    Posted Jul 29, 2022 04:22 PM
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    I have a problem with active and inactive computers in my console.
    I have a 132 pc's of 135 lisence nodes and i can see always around 15-17 pcs inactive state.
    The pc's thats show inactive is fine becasue if i reset the service from the service control there could be other 15-17 pcs inactive and the pc's that was inactive before become active, so all the time i see 15-17 pc's on gray icon and some pcs that in active state in status no lisence slot avalabile.
    I've also uncheck the encyrpt option so i dont know what to do more.
    any suggestions?

  • 2.  RE: Inactive computers on gss

    Posted Jul 29, 2022 05:40 PM
    I've seen similar behavior on cloned workstations which have a virtualization application installed (i.e., Virtualbox, VMware Workstation, etc.) which creates a virtual NIC and the Ghost Console is configured to use a MAC address as the Primary look up key.  In our situation the cloned vNIC had the same MAC address across each cloned workstation causing odd active/inactive behavior on the Ghost console similar to what you're describing.  Our fix was to change the Primary lookup key.

    If your image has virtualization software installed like described above you can try changing the Primary lookup key.  This setting is available at Tools > Options > Global.  At the bottom within the section "Primary lookup key(s)".  MAC address is the default.  Select any one, and only one, of the other options and see what happens.  In our case we changed to UUID and the problem was resolved.

    Elvis Rowe
    Computer Facilities Supervisor
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas