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  • You posted this in the wrong discussion thread. This is for EDR. See CB AC instead: https://community.broadcom.com/symantecenterprise/communities/communityhomeblogs?CommunityKey=4b9c4f26-755b-4978-b152-547f2dd1bfda Downloads are linked from ...

  • The user guide has a section (Carbon Black EDR Airgap Feed) on using the airgap tool

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  • The VMware Carbon Black EDR team is pleased to announce the general availability of EDR macOS Sensor 7.3.0 for on-prem EDR customers. This is a Minor release that delivers: IPv6 Support - This release delivers the ability to run the Carbon Black ...

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    MsMpEng.exe Alerts

    I created an policy permission: Application at path: *:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\** **\Program Files*\Windows Defender*\** Operation attempt: Performs any operation Action: Bypass To allow Windows Defender to ByPass the scanning process. ...