Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory

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  • This is TDAD onprem, I thought this was TDAD cloud. Regardless, if your topology competed successfully, then you do not have a permission issue with the service account. The breakdown is happening with the AI. It can not process the topology information ...

  • The software is available as the SEP on-prem integrated version. You will need a VM to run the TDAD core server. The software is only available in the Broadcom Software Download portal or Partner Portal. Guides are available in the Broadcom Support ...

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  • Mohammad Keshtkar's profile image

    Obfuscated Data Error

    Hi, I get the below mentioned error when I access domains tab in SETDAD. what is the issue? "Obfuscated Data Error Endpoint Threat ...

  • Adi Mahluf's profile image

    RE: TDAD import license error

    Hi, Have you solved the issue? what is the error you get? what is the TDAD version?