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  • Developer Network News - May 2024

    New on the Developer Network

    Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK v1.5.2

    • Search and Export Audit Logs
    • Work with CIS Benchmark results
    • New guides and example scripts
    • Read more in the blog

    More New Stuff

    API and Access Level Deactivation

    • Update now to get the most out of Carbon Black Cloud data
    • Everything you need about the changes - affected APIs, Access Level types, dates, and benefits of the replacement versions - are in the Migration Guides
    • July 31, 2024 is the deactivation date for Alerts API v6 and Alert Data Forwarder schema v1, as well as integrationServices/v3 Device, Policy and Live Response routes
    • October 31, 2024 is the deactivation date for the Notifications v3 API

    Coming Soon

    • Export Alerts in CSV format
    • Updated Carbon Black Cloud QRadar v2.3 App
    • Cloud Support for Carbon Black Cloud App v2.2 for Splunk SIEM v2.2
    • Follow the Roadmap
    • Find all the recent announcements here

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  • We're pleased to announce version 2.3.0 of the VMware Carbon Black Cloud App for QRadar. This version includes compatibility with the more advanced Alerts v7 and Data Forwarder v2 Alert schema. Read the details on Developer Network Blog .

  • New on the Developer Network Splunk SOAR App 2.0 for Carbon Black Cloud Updated to use the Alerts v7 API Enrich Alerts with Observation data Get scheduled tasks Get the details here Authentication Event Data Forwarder Send ...

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  • If you are using any of the following APIs, you must update before they are deactivated on July 31st or October 31st of 2024. Information on how to migrate to new APIs, Forwarder versions and API Access Levels is available on the Developer Network ...