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  • There’s another Endpoint Security User Group coming up!

    Register today for the EMEA Endpoint Security User Group on 13 April 2021! Join us to hear our vision and strategy for mission critical endpoint security. We’ve got a great agenda planned for this session:

    • Strategies for improving your security posture, investigations and threat hunting,
    • Interactive breakout sessions to talk amongst your peers
    • A sneak peek to see what we’ve got planned on our product roadmap

    Plus, we want to hear from you before the User Group! When you register, you’ll be asked to suggest a session topic for one of the sessions.

  • Join us at the Endpoint Security User Group

    Come join us at the next Endpoint Security User Group on March 23, 2021 – 10:00 am PST | 1:00 pm EST. Register now to hear from Symantec experts as the cover:

    • A keynote presentation on how to get more from your endpoint security with behavior isolation
    • Breakout sessions diving into Threat Intelligence API, Enablement, and a deeper dive into Behavior Isolation
    • A comprehensive roadmap session

    Be sure to join us!

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