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  • Endpoint Management User Groups

    Check out the recordings from our November 17th Endpoint Management User Group, both meetings linked below! You can also check out the slides they shared that are posted in the library. 

    EMEA Session

    North America Session

    Reach out to the SED Events team if you have any questions:

  • SANS Cyber Solutions Fest 2020

    Symantec is participating in the SANS Institute upcoming virtual event, SANS Cyber Solution Fest 2020. This action packed 2-day virtual event brings together an ensemble of security professionals, solution providers, and experts ready to share the latest developments and innovative technologies in the cybersecurity industry. Featuring four unique tracks chaired by top SANS experts, talks will feature case studies, demos, and discussions revolving around the latest solutions available in the marketplace.

    Join the SANS Cyber Solutions Fest and discover what can be achieved in the field of cybersecurity and the implementation of new technologies.

    Be sure to catch the three sessions on Oct 9th. 

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  • Hello, I have a task that runs a network scan on my remote hosts that have Altiris on them. The scan saves a csv file to the local machine. I would like to know if I can copy this csv file from the remote PC to either my PC or to the package or task ...

  • You mean that you distribute a patch policy, setting required schedule for a patch cycle start but want to set separate schedule to download patch packages? Yes, just like Managed Software Delivery Policy. So it just can't be done.

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