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  • WebPulse Services Migration

    On April 24th, 2020 at 0:00 UTC, all WebPulse Services will be migrating from Symantec/NortonLifelock hosted infrastructure to Broadcom infrastructure. While many service endpoints will remain the same, there will be many new service endpoints added and several others retired. While these infrastructure changes are expected to have minimal customer impact it is advised to work with your respective network/IT teams to accommodate these changes. READ the KB article for detailed information.

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  • Dear Sirs, The following Error event logs occur for the Access log upload. I would like to know what mean each Error event logs. ProxySG: E0008 Access Log (SIEM): Unable to connect to remote server for log uploading(0) SEVERE_ERROR alog_facility_impl.cpp ...

  • Hi Paul,          The ProxySG and AD synchronize the same ntp server. The domain user account for use join domain must have the privilege to create and modify account right ? We will check with customer about  privilege the domain user account to use ...

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