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AD Self-Service Password Reset with Workflow Solution (Part 2) 

05-18-2010 02:56 PM

This is an example of an Active Directory self-service password reset Workflow.  The video in part 1 (previous article) shows a demonstration of the process.  Part 2 (this article) then shows how to implement the project in your own environment.

This process allows an end-user to establish a custom "challenge" question and answer, which is stored in a custom field in Active Directory.  Then if the end-user gets locked out and needs to reset his password, he can do so by providing a unique identifier (such as employee ID or social security number) and also answering his custom challenge question.  The password reset can even be executed from the user's mobile device.  In this fashion, password reset becomes "self-service" and reduces (or even eliminates) IT involvement and time spent in this common scenario.
This process has no external dependencies other than Active Directory and Workflow Solution.  It can be implemented relatively quickly and customized to suit your organization's policies and procedures.  It is recommended to first watch the video for Part 1 (approx. 10 minutes), and then to implement the process, download the attached .zip file and follow the instructions in the video in Part 2 to customize/tailor it for your environment.

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