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Oracle Definition, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages 

02-19-2019 01:47 AM

    Happy evening community is approaching another day full of challenges and I want to take this article to talk a little about what Oracle is in the previous article talk about the comparison between SQL Server and Oracle as well as the caraceristicas and disadvantages.


    Now let's define what Oracle is and its functions.



    Oracle is defined as a single use tool based on the client-server system that allows the management of databases known as a more complete database system.


                  Now that we have defined what Oracle is, we will know a little about the functions that Oracle performs:


  • Rational model function that allows users to visualize data in tables with row / column formats.
  • The use of easy-to-use graphical management tools.
  • Access control in relation to advanced technologies to monitor the entry of data in the system.
  • It allows the protection of data of what is in the environment of production and management of backup copies.
  • High scalability, protection and performance for activities aimed at business productivity.
  • Management of users with respect to the access of people who wish to access the applications and functions of a system.



         Now that we've talked a little bit about Oracle's features, we'll talk in more depth about the advantages and disadvantages:





  • Centralized control and management system: This allows the data to be controlled completely from a tabular exchange since it is responsible for assigning, adding, deleting records and modifying them.
  • Standardization: Allows standardization between different implementations of SQL.
  • Grouping of transactions: It allows to group several transactions and divide each activity into segments and thus achieve a better performance in less time possible.
  • Performance methods: Applies methods to improve the database through a Cluster application.






  • Incompatibility and complexity: This is presented as a limitation in the areas of time, data syntax, and character sensitivity.
  • Management of the structure: Oracle often tends to be complex or sometimes difficult to manage for certain activities, so it is recommended to install a basic version and configure with a minimal customization.
  • The price: Many times there is no price or a specific budget for the Oracle license as it usually changes over time depending on the change of policies, patches and updates by the company.


    Although Oracle has a functioning that is considered by many companies as potential does not stop having its failures which are a limitation for many things but for others you can take advantage and get a high productivity in terms of business activities it means.

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